Show Your Work

Still bubbling over after last night at an indescribably delicious indie bookseller event at the Brookline Booksmith. Great book signing and talk with Austin Kleon from Austin, Texas. Quick lesson in when to use Hi Ya'll & Hi All Y'all for east coasters. Packed with people, cookies, and laugh out loud humor. Great Q & A afterwards. Take aways from last night include: Don't hoard. Share instead. Teach to learn and learn and learn. Teaching does not result in competition it results in fans. Learn to tell a story that your work alone cannot tell because of the importance of connection and the human element of creating. Austin led by example last night. He drew/illustrated along as he spoke (ipad app Paper and stylus Pencil) which he repeatedly wondered about saying, 'This might be bad idea.' It ended up being a very good idea. He plugged other creatives' works. He held up and talked up Daily Rituals by Mason Currey (Which is not as bossy as his book, suggests Austin), And The Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman, My Ideal Bookshelves Jane Mount's art and Thessaly La Force editor, Lunch Poems by Frank O'Hara (Because all of us should be reading poetry, reminds Austin) The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt (Because we all must learn how to tell great stories and this is a great read), and The Essential Scratch and Sniff Wine Guide by MacNaughton and Sacca. Every artist, under or over 60, should own a copy of his book. It's bright yellow cover and hand written title is one to face out on your ideal bookshelf. If you can't afford it tell someone in your 'scenius' and you can all share a copy of Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. If he's in your area, make the time to stop by his book signing. It will be worth it.